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In each shape below, we have included a PDF which can be printed out and used to help teach your children to learn to read! These resources will be used during Reading Boot Camp Online, but are also great tools to be used at home during the school year! 

Natural Phonics Primer Master
by Grade Level

This shows how many words each child is supposed to be able to read according to the grade level they are in. They have to be able to read these words in 1 minute. 

Natural Phonics Primer Pages Passed Checklist

As your child passes a page, you can mark it off on the sheet, to show how many pages they have passed. 

Reading Boot Camp Chants

This is a copy of the 3 chants that we say during Reading Boot Camp. 

Smart Chart

The Smart Chart is a great tool to help teach your children the different sounds that certain letters can make, what sounds blends make, etc. 

Reading Rules

These are posters of the 5 reading rules that are very important to remember when learning to read. Feel free to print them out and hang them up! 

Learning Pod

This Just In...
A Success Story

Need some good news? Well... here ya go! A high schooler who has been VIRTUALLY learning the smart chart, tracing words back their origins (etymology), chopping up words (syllabication), and taking many mini- spelling tests (phonics) just scored 12.1 in Vocabulary and 13.1 on comprehension on a reliable assessment!


His mom cried, I cried, and he has a whole new outlook on his future! This is what this is all about. Not money, not politics, not standardized test scores! Truth! Real deal! Authentic!

If you’re not smiling at this upside of Covid ... then read this post again. Want more details? Message us!


Thanks for reading!

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