What is Reading Boot Camp?

This is a free program run by volunteers who all agree children ages 3-17 need intense, systematic phonics to become good readers, spellers, writers, and thinkers.


Why Reading Boot Camp is So Important 

It is estimated that over 60% 4th graders in the USA do not read at a proficient level. Isn't that terrible? In the USA!!


The Reading Boot Camp Approach to Reading (ages 3-17)

We use two older programs, Direct Approach Phonics, based off McGuffey Readers and diacritical markings found in the dictionary. The Smart Chart is a concise list of sounds found in most English words. We teach students to "chop" their words by syllables and spell aloud.


The Victory Drill Book is what we use to drill lists of phonetically related words. Students DO NOT memorize these words, they sound them out letter by letter and blend into words. The timing is to encourage rapid decoding or sounding out. Each student has a goal to read in one minute. 


These two programs blend very well together and have been helping students since the 1930's. So, why did they throw them out? That's a discussion for another day. 


Reading Boot Camp Gives Indiana Children a Foundation

We are a solution to the problem. We love seeing kids soar, AND, this isn't just for kids. Many older students and adults have increased their reading power and spelling from coming to Reading Boot Camp. (volunteering)


If you'd like to learn about how I got into this back in 1995, I would be happy to share my story. HI HO Dilly DAD!


Thank you, 

Kathleen McCammon Alfke

Program Director, Reading Boot Camp

Sponsor a Reading Boot Camp soldier for $79. Your soldier will receive a Reading Boot Camp T-shirt, a Victory Drill Book, a healthy snack, four stamps, and envelopes.

They will have a purpose to practice cursive handwriting!

You will receive:
  • A handwritten letter 
  • A “‘soldier” to encourage!
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