Reading Boot Camp is a free program for youth ages 3 to 17. Enroll a student in Summer Boot Camp for the week of June 14th, 2021!

For parents, teachers, or students wishing to get a class started in your Indiana community, please reach out to Reading Boot Camp. We will be excited to learn of your interest in our program and invite your inquiries.

Girl with Teddy Bear

Reading Boot Camp awards prizes to its students in an effort to incent good progress in our reading programs.  We welcome donations of classroom supplies, program materials, and in kind donations. If you are a bargain hunter, a scrounger, a finder of great things, or a coupon clipper, you are going to love this list.


Items do NOT need to be NEW!


We recycle:

  • toys

  • dolls

  • books

  • etcetera


So, ask your friends and clean out your doo-dads. We will put them to good use! We are the ultimate recyclers!


Are you a dedicated teacher, student, or community volunteer with a desire to donate your time to strengthening our youth's reading success? At Reading Boot Camp Rocks, we are experiencing record growth and welcome volunteers to our program.






We want to hear from you! Please reach out to us for volunteer opportunities which will dove tail nicely with your work or school schedule and free time.





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