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Kathleen Alfke-Simpson
Program Director
Reading Boot Camp

Kathleen is the Founder and Director of Reading Boot Camp. She is a retired school teacher of 40 years in Indiana. Recognizing the tremendous need for a reading program to enhance skills for school-age children (3-17 years), Kathleen developed the Reading Boot Camp curriculum and tirelessly works to expand this free reading program. If you are interested in being a volunteer, obtaining a kit for a student, starting a reading program in your community, sponsoring a reading soldier, and/or donating classroom supplies, please reach out to Kathleen. She will be delighted to help you!


Classes meet 1 time/week.

  • Phonics

  • Comprehension 

  • Cursive Writing 

  • Spelling

  • and much more!

Reading Bootcamp is a FREE program open to kids ages 3-17. Intense systematic phonics, patriotism, and mastering goals are what we are all about! You need to see us in action!


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